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SMART Pricing Engine - (Supplier Matrix Analysis Requote Tool)

A system that allows you as an energy broker or consultant to instantly compare prices of all the suppliers you have relationships with. EBS SMART allows energy brokers to upload the tariff sheets they receive from energy suppliers and instantly compare their prices against the customers renewal, current or bespoke quotation. Improves quoting efficiency and accuracy by removing human error and provides a more professional image to your organisations quoting process. Read about EBS SMART Detail and Functionality or See a software Demo Here

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Commission Forecaster

Linking directly to the EBS SMART system commission forecaster accurately predicts your commission payments. Linking to supplier payment rules and %'s commission forecaster allows you to manage your business based on your expected revenues. Upload supplier reports and instantly compare payment discrepencies, view your sub broker activity and issue commission statements. See EBS Commission Forecaster


CRM System

Manage your customer correspondence, activity and trends with EBS CRM. Fully managed CRM plaform delivers monitoring of sales and customer service statistics with client and sub broker portals. Report on activity and indentify new prospects whilst effectively manging your sales team with transparent statistics. See EBS CRM Detail and Functionality

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