SMART (Supplier Matrix Analysis Requote Tool)

Gas and Electricity Price Analysis

Gas and Electricity price analysis results are returned to the user and displayed in a grid. Single or multiple rated supplies (incl STOD's) can be analsysed against each other in the grid.


Return as many or as few suppliers as you wish

Compare Prices Against the Customers Renewal, Current and Own Quotations

Select which supplier prices you wish to compare against prices obtained from your customer. Add bespoke quotations recieved from suppliers and customers too.


Price analysis is returned in a user friendly format, highlighting savings in Green and more expensive quotations in Red

Send Quotations to Customers and Brand them to your Business


Quiotations can be exported from the system to send to your customers by Email or post. All quotations are stored in a database queried by your EBS SMART user interface for easy retrieval

Security and User Configuration


A fully password protected system on a secure server ensures your data remains safe and confidential.


Choose what your users see and define their access by user accounts and team profiles. Assign single or multiple users to teams allowing you to control the sensitive areas of your business.

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